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“ Think of a container as a distillation of all the knowledge required to achieve a glorious garden and container gardening as the art of choreographing individuals into a joyous composition”

You can now learn with Chris from the comfort of your own home (or garden!) with our new online course 'Container Gardening'

This 4 part course is available via Learning with Experts, who specialise in delivering global classroom communities using the latest technology so you can have a fun, interactive and rewarding experience.

The aim of this course is to arm you with all the inspiration, information and confidence you need to create your own style of container gardening to suit your outdoor space and your design ambition.  Along the way there is plenty of horticultural guidance to give your plants and containers the best conditions in which to thrive.

Join your fellow classmates, exchange ideas and upload your assignments in the online classroom - we will be popping in regularly to comment and guide you on your journey.

Sign up on the Learning with Experts website.

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom! 

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