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Design Approach

“A garden is a transient and dynamic piece of art and one on which we often place demands for inspiration, stimulation and pleasures. It is little surprise that for millennia and across cultures, the expression of perfect human happiness is portrayed as a garden.”

- Chris Beardshaw

We approach the creation of a designed outdoor space as a blend of art and science and are particularly known for our innate understanding of plants and flair for plant combinations.


Inspired by the richness of the arts and crafts movement, arguably the pinnacle of garden creating in the UK, our schemes provide formality in structure overlaid with the bountiful and softening effects of planting. Together with our sensitive integration of architectural living spaces with external landscape spaces, our schemes bring natural harmony to how the home, garden and wider landscape work together. 

We take a holistic and long-term view and consider every element large and small - from the affects and enhancements of the wider environment, right down to the bespoke detailing and individual materials and plant choices. 


It is our ability to bring a diverse range of skills, creative solutions and practical knowledge to each project, that sets us apart. Ecological, environmental friendly, wildlife friendly and sustainable solutions are inherent in all our schemes as standard practice.

How an outdoor space is orchestrated, and the features within it, has a fundamental effect on how we feel, and people are becoming increasingly aware of the positive affect well designed green space has on our mental wellbeing and happiness. 


If you are not currently getting a positive reward from your garden and landscape, Chris Beardshaw Design can help.

How We Can Help You

Are you building a house of your dreams, renovating an old property, adding an extension, breathing life into an old garden or have a total blank canvas?

We are often commissioned as part of a multidisciplinary team alongside architects, planners, contractors, ecologists, engineers, archeologists, conservationists, interior designers and other professionals.   

Engage with us at the earliest design stage, when our understanding of space and the natural environment can be brought to the fore and we can contribute from the outset. We can help steer the best aspect for the house or extension, we can create changes in topography, support planning applications with a sensitive landscape approach, direct positions of driveways and access routes which can be absolutely fundamental to the ultimate use and enjoyment of the entire scheme.  


We work on a diverse range of schemes across the UK and throughout the world - everything from10+ acre private estates, to town gardens, nature reserves, royal parks, public parks, hospitals, exhibition & show gardens, educational exhibits, grade I & II listed sites, world heritage & archaeologically sensitive sites, botanic gardens and hotels. 

Our clients have an appreciation of the rewards a designed garden and landscape can bring.


Core Services

  • Master planning

  • Landscape detailing & specification

  • Landscape review & analysis

  • Visual assessment

  • Horticultural assessment & consultation


Creative Design Details

  • Landscape buildings – follies, barns

  • Water features

  • Lakes & natural ponds

  • Swimming pools & natural swimming pools

  • Pergolas, gazebos & pavilions

  • Estate fencing & gates

  • Planters

  • Irrigation

  • Lighting


  • Planning authorities

  • Implementation review & guidance

  • Consultants & statutory bodies

  • Suppliers & procurement

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Our Clients

A selection of some of our clients

Since we established the Chris Beardshaw Design Studio in 2001 we have produced 100's of schemes and have worked with a large number of charities, NGO's, corporate and private clients.

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