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Chris’ breadth and depth of knowledge of not just horticulture and design but of history, science and the natural world is reflected in his wide ranging broadcasting career which spans over 15 years.

He is a regular presenter on both TV and Radio, an author and a regular speaker. He lectures to students and horticultural groups throughout the UK. Chris’ broadcasting experience includes multiple solo series and co-presenting roles as well as live broadcasts and reports including RHS Chelsea Flower Show coverage.

TV Presenter

Beechgrove Garden

You can catch Chris on the long running weekly gardening programme Beechgrove Garden – watch here

Broadcast each week on BBC2 Beechgrove is a practical gardening programme that tackles as many gardening topics as possible and runs from April to October. Find out more on and watch the latest episode on the BBC iplayer

Chris Beardshaw Deep Down and Dirty Presenters

Deep, Down & Dirty: The Science of Soil - BBC4

This in-depth one hour special looked at the where soil comes from, what it's made of and why it is so essential to life. Using special microphotography an intricate microscopic landscape is revealed teeming with strange and wonderful life forms.

It's a world where the chaos of life meets the permanence of rock, the two interacting with each other to make a living system of staggering complexity that sustains all life on Earth.

Chris explores how man is challenging this most precious resource on our planet and how new science is seeking to preserve it.

Chris Beardshaw Deep Down and Dirty Presenters

British Gardens in Time - BBC4

A four part series which explores iconic British Gardens from Christopher Lloyd's Art & Crafts Great Dixter to Georgian Stowe and from  Victorian Biddulph Grange to the quintessentially English Nyman's.

Chris Beardshaw British Gardens in Time Presenter

Apples British to the Core - BBC4

In Britain we crunch our way through billions of apples each year. But our relationship with the apple goes beyond mere appetite….The apple once shaped our landscape and in making this programme I set out to uncover the extraordinary British contribution to the history of our most iconic fruit.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design

Hidcote - A Garden for All Seasons - BBC4

This film tells the story of Hidcote, the most influential English garden of the 20th century, and Lawrence Johnston, the enigmatic genius behind it. Hidcote, the first garden ever taken on by the National Trust, is at the end of a major 3.5 million pound restoration programme. As part of this facelift the garden team have been researching Johnston’s original vision for the garden and in doing so have uncovered a compelling story that reveals how he created such an iconic garden.

Hidcote Gardens

Ploughs, Cows & Clover - BBC4

Chris explores how East Anglia has helped feed the world. Five objects tell the story of a revolution in farming that gives the region a unique place in the history of the world. His journey takes him from north Norfolk, where 300 years ago Thomas Coke invented a new way of growing crops on the glorious Holkham Estate, to Suffolk where an accident in a foundry led to a self-sharpening blade that would be used in ploughs across the world.

Chris Beardshaw Ploughs, Cows and Clover.

Wild About Your Garden - BBC1

Nick Knowles, Chris Beardshaw and Ellie Harrison, give urban gardens across Britain a reverse makeover. By ripping up concrete patios, introducing luscious planting and completely re-designing gardens, they try to encourage some of the nation's most endangered animals into the cityGreat Garden Detectives – ITV3

Chris Beardshaw Wild about your garden presenter

The Flying Gardener - BBC2

There were four series of this popular programme which saw Chris Beardshaw touring the British Isles by helicopter, studying native flora and fauna in their natural habitats and visiting spectacular gardens that are close by.

Chris Beardshaw The Flying Gardener

Hidden Gardens - BBC2

Chris explored 12 'hidden' gardens over the course of two series which saw him emersed in the history of the gardens and the lives of the people that created and tended for them. Long lost items and secrets were discovered as we hear the story of how the gardens became hidden.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design

Gardeners' Question Time

Gardeners' Question Time Logo

Chris has been on the panel with Radio 4’s popular Gardeners Question Time for over 9 years and loves the excitement of answering questions in front of a liveaudience.

Listen to the latest shows here

If you have a question or want to know how to be at one of the recordings visit Gardeners' Question Time

Other TV Programes

  • Gardeners’ World (BBC2)
  • Great Garden Detectives (ITV3)
  • Country Lives (ITV)
  • The Great Garden Challenge (C4)
  • Heaven & Earth (BBC1)
  • Gardening Neighbours (BBC2)
  • House Call (BBC1)
  • Weekend Gardener (UKstyle)
  • Surprise Gardens (ITV)