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"A garden is a transient and dynamic piece of art and one on which we often place demands for inspiration, stimulation and pleasures." Chris Beardshaw

Design Services

Our design studio located in the Cotswold’s, UK works with private clients throughout the UK and internationally.

We produce traditional and contemporary schemes for all types of client and setting including listed sites, world heritage sites, monuments and estates.

We work hand in hand with architects so that the landscape for a new build or remodeling of existing buildings are created in tandem to provide a holistic and cohesive scheme.

If you have a project that you would like to speak with us about please email us through our Contacts page

Design Process

Initial Site Meeting & Survey

To ensure he fully understands your requirements and to appreciate your unique location, Chris starts all design projects with an onsite consultation. This consultation allows you to meet one another and discussion your ideas face to face, so you can be assured that Chris is the right designer for your project. Following the consultation Chris will write to confirm your discussions and design ideas, and will provide a breakdown of the costs for the various stages of your project. At this stage Chris will require a site survey or will help you commission a survey which will provide him with accurate dimensions of your scheme.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design

Concept Proposal

After approval from you to proceed and receipt of the site survey, Chris produces scale sketches of the initial ideas and proposals. He presents these to you and shows how he has explored the design parameters.

This stage is an open discussion and Chris likes to take on board as many of your comments to help hone the design.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design

Masterplan Design

Once a design concept is agreed, a scale master plan, or plans, are produced indicating character areas, planting types,and proposed surfaces.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design

Construction & Planting Plans

The detailed plans for both hard landscaping and soft landscaping aspects of the garden are produced after the master plan has been approved and signed off.

These scale drawings detail the ground preparation, remedial works, planting species and planting techniques for entire site or partial schemes.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design

Onsite implementation & Project Management

In addition Chris can assist with the appointment of a Landscape Contractor, as well plant sourcing and overall project management. These areas would typically be discussed as the project advances.

Chris Beardshaw Garden Design